July 26 2014, left us our precious boy. Went unjustly early. Lifetime diagnosis - cirrhosis of the liver...

And in the morning... In the Morning it turned out that the sky has not fallen to the ground. It turned out that the world didn't even notice that was interrupted one small, but very necessary for us. That was not one bright, loyal and loving soul. What stopped beating one small kind, and fearless heart. The world did not notice the emptiness and blackness, which broke our hearts. Only aging month in the early morning was unusual ominous red, and the stars shone as unusually bright... And frost... Frost, bound within us all... And empty... And only one thought: "The Best go first"...
He has gone. He went to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. He left loving us, giving us his love, his care, his warmth. He left, we managed to show and prove that this terrible feature there is something... Something that cannot be understood, and can only feel it... Feel like a dog.
Our Max was able to show us that we have to live without looking back, loving those who you are precious and who loves you... Loving to the end... without asking Anything in return... Trying to bring our hard evil world so much love, care and understanding, how can hold your heart... to LOVE...

I am saddened due to the fact that I could not give him more than he gave. He was everything to me.
And I know that outside of this boundary what that is ,and the time will come when he will again be able to lick me teary face... And we'll go with him through the tall grass... let's Go to a country where there is no place for anger, pain, jealousy... Where there is only love... And we'll play, and he would tell me that he was all the time around us and protect us... And we will never part...

But our website will work

We have a lot of worthy children of Moxito . And there will be more children.

We have frozen semen of Moxito in one of the European veterinary clinics.


OZZY OZBORN GRAND AZARO    IPO -1 А-94. В- 82. С-81.

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New puppies pictures from

Pride of Russia Moxito x Gayane, 2.5 months

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OZZY OZBOURN Grand Azaro (POR Moxito -Kalina Krasnaya GA) passed IPO 1.
A-94. B-82. C- 81 = 257 points.

13.09.2014 CAC-Show, Tula
judge Ratibor Cekic (Serbia)
Envy me D'Amour Adonis  (PoR Moxito - Geliana Way Bjork) - JCAC, Best Junior, BOB!!!

Envy me D'Amour Ares (PoR Moxito - Geliana Way Bjork)- 11 months


15.08.2014 puppies were born from

Pride of Russia Moxito x Gayane

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Koppod`Oro Lady Lux (Pride of Russia Moxito x Koppod`Oro Yunara Yuta) 2 years old



Puppies pictures from Pride of Russia Moxito x Den Smail Sharliz La Bell  age 3 days



Puppies pictures from Pride of Russia Moxito x Aleksvel Moskva age 10 days


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